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Can you remember those unexpected, gloriously lazy days of childhood, where time seemed to stretch out forever? The challenge as a parent is how to make sure those days actually happen and don't get lost in the fast-paced frenzy of everyday life. Zoe Lake is passionate about creating something out of nothing and planning mini adventures with her ever-enthusiastic husband and persistently dancing daughter.


In Adventures at Home Zoe shares her secrets and you will discover that all you need is a bit of time and imagination to create memorable moments together. Adventures at Home will inspire you to plan your own immersive experiences at home, which can be pulled together using what you already have, with very little notice. Zoe shares over 40 inspirational ways you can plan fun-filled family time into your lives without spending much money or leaving your home. Adventures at Home will encourage you and your family to get creative, engage with nature and your immediate environment.

Adventures at Home Book

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